“Good old-fashioned Gospel presented in any way other than the old-fashioned way.” -Ant

NEW TRACTS! “Essence of Christmas” in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese!

( look under Christmas” and “Tract Translations” categories.)


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(Christian Gospel pamphlets are also known as “tracts”)


StopLookListen pg1 A6 Only 2 Religions pg1 A6 RE-FOCUS pg1 A6 PosiThink pg1 A6 It's Free pg1 A6 IMITATION pg1 Humility vs Perfection pg1 A6 Ballistic Emotions A6 pg1 Good Advice pg1 A6 FreeFromFear pg1 A6 LABELED pg1 A6 Do People Laugh pg1 Your Next Choice pg1 A6 Delicious Deceptive Bait_A6_pg1 WrongSide pg1 A6CombatAdd A6 pg1Cut Out the Middleman A6 pg1 Wish List pg1 A6 Is Something Missing pg1 A6WhoseSlaveRU_A6_pg1 WarOfTheWorlds A6 pg1


Valentines Day Blues pg1 A6 SHY pg1 A6

…And more!



  1. Dear Anthony, your tract on the vaccine was so inspired that I dared to translate it and edit it. You can download it also at http://theaudiokey.com/DATA/libros/Vacuna_para_el_Alma.pdf
    Hope you like it.
    With lots of love and thankfulness,
    Andrés Nueva Vida
    For theaudiokey.com

  2. Silvia Tabita Fé

    Hello, there!! I am wondering if it is possible to make a track about ENDTIME, with the world actual happenings. I love to witness and I have the vision of ENDTIME! It would be a blessing to have an ENDTIME TRACT with world news to distribute!!!

  3. Hi George,
    Life changed. Found Christ. Became a natural doctor and herbalist. Hope you are well.

    • Hi John,
      Very glad to hear that you found Jesus! I’m well, and we’ll have a long time in heaven to catch up on all the things that have happened to us over the years! I’ll email you.

  4. i’m currently distributing one of your tracts in chinese. it always brings a smile.

  5. Hi Ant,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your comics! Always have and always will! They are always fun and straight to the point with a delightful sense of humor.
    I often use your comics in my weekly devotional reflections (that we distribute to about 30 people who help our mission’s work) when I can find one that suits my subject. We often get comments on them like, “Oh good comics this week! The long stuff is nice and all but if you really want me to read it put some more of these in there!”
    I hope you continue to draw and inspire us for many, many years!


  6. Hi Anthony, GBY! Can i have pls have ur mail id?

  7. I need some tract for evangelism please.

  8. What an awesome ministry! I love it! I would like to make an urgent request. Could you please make a tract talking about evolution, how it’s not right and how how the textbooks are out-dated. I feel like a traditional baptist saying that ha ha, but I really would like to get the word out there that it’s been proven wrong in the recent years. Especially to the varsity students!! The textbooks unfortunately are still teaching all the wrong things and they aren’t taking these things out. I’m fearing that more and more high-school kids and varsity students are becoming atheists because of what they are teaching in the textbooks. I love the way your tracts are written but, if you know of any other tracts (on this topic) that we can hand-out then please tell me where to look. Thank you! God Bless

  9. I always make it a habit to get a minimum of 50 trax out a day. when I go selling my books. I have been doing it more than 5 yrs in this country in S.America and the people love it and every now n then I meet them and they open their wallet and show me a string of trax all plastified plus they give em’ out to their friends (fotocopies) its great way 2 get a witness out when u r is on the way somewhere each day.

  10. There is not enough tracts in chinese! Need more of those tracts in chinese!

  11. I sent some comic tracts to a friend in ReHab and he shares them with someone there that has a reading problem. The Comic format makes it easy for her to understand. ptl

  12. So happy to be able to find you, been looking for your site, thanks to another friend for putting out your site. Such a blessing, It’s easy to understand for some people how u illustrated it. God bless you! Thank you once again.

  13. great job you’re doing for the Lord and lost souls.. I,like others, feel naked without having tracts with me, and give them out everywhere I go.. I also send them to guys in my prison ministry and they are helping many find the truth.. thank you so much. Jonathan

  14. I have “It’s Free” layed out in Trad. Chinese. Interested?

  15. Loving it, really digging in, funny the more you stop and read everything and translate and look at the pictures for long the more ingrained in your mind it gets!!!!!!!!! Having a really spiritual time with this, working on Hearing from the Lord (my ALL TIME FAVORITE SUBJECT)
    XXXXXXXX Maria Iceland

  16. I love these, I have been copying and shrinking them down to put at the end of emails I send to friends and also i put them on my walpaper on my pc. The variety of topics make it easy to find something for anyone, my only suggestion is to have a few more strippies on love, giving and recieving.

  17. Dear Anthony,
    As a teacher, your comic strips have really made my job easy. They have illustrated what words couldn’t properly express. Many times, we just flip open the laptop, load an XN strip and just read through with our friends/Bible study students. It really helps them understand the principles. It addicts them to the word, as they see the ways they can translate it into their lives!

    God bless you! You have played a major part in this revolution!

  18. God bless you, dear Anthony… Super duper! Soul winning and feeding His sheep (“converts”) is the heart of our lives and your art has been such an inspiration to us all and is especially needed and welcome at this time! -So much to do and your gift to us all is such an uplift. Please keep it up and, if there are some available in Spanish, I pray you’ll post them here too so they are easy to find.

    Love and prayers to you and yours…
    David and Claire (Texas)

  19. Thank you Anthony for sharing your gift of art, always loved your art! The comic strippies are a great way of sharing God’s Word. GBY! Ann and Sean Aurora (now at FCF, Calif) xxxx

  20. Keep ’em coming Ant!
    (I wonder why I never guessed your name was Anthony when I saw these published before, ha!)

  21. Hi Anthony
    Txs for making it so easy for us all .
    We have been distributing these tracts in Botswana for ages .
    To date we have given out 410,000 (four hundred and ten thousand ) in Southern Africa .
    Thank you !

  22. Question: What all could we get on a business-card size tract for the California Coast area? Tks!

  23. I’ve distributed zillions (well, almost) of these thy creations from Heaven! I’m sure many multitudes will praise thee ( humbly ) there. TYJ

  24. Kathleen Smith (Sunny)

    What a legacy! Your tracts will live on after you and in the mean time take their wonderful, saving, liberating message with them now. I take tracts everywhere I go and feel guilty and yes, naked–as one writer wrote–without them. Thanks for putting these up for free, so we can all spread the Gospel! You’ve always been one of my favorite artists, so thanks again and keep up the GREAT work. Much love, Sunny

  25. Just skyping with Mike(my son) and he told me about your site. Very kewl!

  26. Anthony, these would be great translated!!! Need some help for Spanish translations? Or do you have some already available in other languages, as I could use them in Spanish and Chinese…we have been using the Color of Love tract here, and actually distributed several thousand last August at the World Youth Conference.

    Keep the good Word and illustrations flowing!

    • Chinese?!! Wow, I wouldn’t know where to begin! Ha! But if anyone has any translations, they can send them to me and I will do what I can to have them checked out and then change the artwork/ layout to make the tract into whatever language it is!

  27. Hi Anthony I was and still be a big fan off your cartoons.
    and this site is wonderful…..not only for young people
    but for everybody
    thanks a lot!
    bye bye

  28. Wonderful service Anthony, God bless you. Please tell me how I can order tracts, thanks! –Nick Megiddo

    • Thanks, Nick! I’m glad you like the site. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding but this is not a business site. I’m just making these tracts available in print-ready, “.pdf” format, so anyone can take it to a local printer or photocopy shop and have it reproduced in whatever amount they may want. I hope you’ll find it a blessing. –Ant

  29. Thank for open your websites..it helps me so easy to understand with picture…God bless you..please more put topics. JLY..GBU

  30. Anthony, tracts are needed as I go out, as Maria wrote that she takes some with her when she goes out on errands, etc. Tracts have been an anchor to my witness for 39 years in tfi. It’s like being naked without them.

  31. Thanks Anthony, a real treasure chest, will be getting many of these out in the UK. With love, Tim

  32. Wonderfull job dear anthony, these speaking line is such a creative and evective witnessing tool, that even the unlearled or foreigh can understand . Gby. Wly.


  33. Awesome! Nice to see these back in circulation! Ever since you showed me some after Christmas I have been praying for wider availability! TYJ! GBY!

  34. Good stuff Anthony, keep fighting the good fight.

  35. Hi Antony,
    just checked out your website and was very impressed.
    I’ll be publishing “it’s free” asap. LOTS OF LOVE to all at home. Gareth

  36. Love your Imitation Salvation Blues Tract, will be a help to many in my area. ( N. Calif, USA )

  37. Dear Anthony, GBY! Since the early ’70s I’ve been enjoying your art and now my kids–and even grandkids–are as well. After Maria’s publication about tracts we got a renewed burden for them and have been praying about which one(s) we wanted to print and this opens up a storehouse of wealth to choose from! Thanks so much for opening this site–and keep up the great work!

    Lots of love,

    Micah and family in Thailand



    Andrés Nueva Vida

  39. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for doing this website! I’ve been trying to get hold of some tract from time to time without success & this just makes it so easy! Thanks again for doing it–Hebrews 6:10!
    Lots of love,

  40. Thanks so much for doing this, it’s fantastic. You’ve always been my favorite artist…this one line art I could never do. Super admire you both and god bless

  41. txs ..great site , Natalia (8)

  42. Hi Anthony
    Txs for this great site ,an answer to prayer .
    getting them out by the thousands

    GBY ! Wly !
    Ben and Family (Botswana)

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