Old-Fashioned Good News,–presented any way OTHER THAN the old-fashioned way!

–And these tracts are for FREE!–Just like the Eternal Salvation they lead towards!

What’s a “Tract”= “a propagandizing pamphlet, esp. one on a religious or political subject.”

Someone who has had their life touched by Jesus, often wants to tell someone else about it. Traditionally, that is called Testifying, or Witnessing, but, sadly, it usually ends up being called Arguing. A good tract can sometimes help avoid that.

Today, let’s call it Advertising! Jesus is a great product that is only belittled by argument. Good advertising presents the benefits of a product in a true way that will be most appealing to the customer and his specific needs.

A word-of-mouth recommendation by a satisfied customer is the very best kind of advertising! Short of that, a good advertising pamphlet (tract) can sometimes  work wonders.

These tracts are designed to help Jesus’ satisfied customers spread the good news of what they have found.

Are you one of Jesus’ satisfied customers? If so, these tracts are made to help make it easier for you to spread the Good News of what you have found.

AntTracts are specific and pointed. They use present-day scenarios and language that are “in sync” with today’s attitudes and life-situations. All of them present Jesus’ Salvation as the solution, in a positive, helpful, up-beat, and often humorous way. They are not “new” but have been in circulation in many mission fields for a number of years and have been proven to bear good fruit (positive results) in the hearts and lives of receptive readers. They have recently been re-touched, clarified and compiled on this site for download, free of charge.

AntTracts are for the young-at-heart of all ages. As you read the content of these tracts, you might be reminded of a certain individual or group of people that would benefit from the message in a certain tract, and/or the way that it is presented. Feel free to download the .PDF file and reproduce it, as is, and give it to them, or direct them to the AntTracts web site and let them read it here.

To effectively advertise and offer Jesus, it is recommended that you use wisdom in choosing which tract is best for each general situation. For example, the “It’s Free!” tract is a general, all-purpose type of tract and good for a wide range of situations and age groups; however, “Imitation Salvation Blues” is more radical (pop festivals, rave parties, etc.) and directly targets people who are searching for internal purpose and meaning to life and are dissatisfied with today’s “normal” external-type solutions.  Therefore, “It’s Free!” would be more appropriate in some circumstances than “Imitation Salvation Blues” and vice-versa.

In Advertising (Witnessing) there is no shortcut around wisdom and discretion.

  1. Thanks for providing such great tracts on such a user friendly web site. I am recommending it to my Christian friends who want to witness.


  2. Great writings too, both the WHO and WHY, good going man! You are great!!! TTL

  3. Great work and very needed! Congratulations! Any french tracts available?

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