George Anthony Mizrany –A progressive Christian Artist, who, over the last 50 years, has produced a vast amount of articles and cartoons on a wide range of faith-related topics, using comic-strip type art. His various pen-names include Laban, Anthony, Antonym, and Ant. Many of his productions, especially the tracts on Eternal Salvation, have been translated into several languages, published in large numbers, and distributed in many countries worldwide.

Born in Dallas, Texas, 1946.

Studied Art, Advertising Design, and Commercial Illustration at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Met Jesus in 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia, and became a full-time missionary disciple.

Specialized in the areas of Christian Outreach/Evangelization, Publications, Construction, Art and Photography, Audio-Visual production, and Dishwashing.

Served in the USA, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, France, Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, and South Africa.

In 1997, Anthony, and his wife Anja, founded Helping Hand, South Africa; a Missionary, Humanitarian, & Community Outreach project in Cape Town.

Became an ordained Minister of the Gospel in 1999.

Sez Ant: The above information is my life in a nutshell. I didn’t realize that my life could fit in a nutshell! …But I shouldn’t be too surprised,–I’ve always known I was a nut.

  1. I do outreach to the homeless in California, USA. Can you recommend some tracks to bring out with me? Thank you. Debra

    • Dear Debra, God bless you for being concerned about the homeless. Here are some of the tracts that might apply “across the board” to people that find themselves in that condition. “No Matter What Your Circumstances” and “Freedom From Fear” could possibly be used the most, but it’s good to have as many different tracts as possible. Once you find out how easy it is to witness with tracts and, over time, see the difference they sometimes make, you’ll use them more and more. But to begin with, I have attached a few to this note that might help you get started. Keep Going For God!

  2. Great material Using it with my Middle School and HS students

  3. Wish you well. God Bless!j

  4. Hope you are well. I read your cartoons and comments every week. Very inspirational they are. God bless you!

  5. Hey Anthony we did “It’s Free” in Italian. Would like to send it to you so it can be added to your collection. Can you give me an email address? Thanks!
    (Great site by the way, always loved your art!)

  6. Martin Hansmann

    Hi Anthony, are some of your tracts in german?

  7. I got saved in a mental hospital in Panama when I read a tract that quoted Jerry Rubin talking about revolution. The author said that Rubin was trying to put revolution in the place that only Jesus could occupy – Jesus could save you but revolution couldn’t. I’ve always had a high regard for salvation tracks since that day.
    I met you once, briefly, like 15 seconds, in India. I’ve enjoyed your work over the years, especially “Rich man, Poor man” with the classic line, “I think sex must be all pleasure sir. If there was any work involved you’d have me do it.” Take care and thanks for drawing salvation tracks…

  8. Hi there! This is great to have, as we need good trax for the youth and all! We have met a couple times along the journey of life – once we were together a short time near Bordeaux; I think we also met in India at a big get-together – We’ve always been great admirers of your artwork – lots of love to you always, john & ruby

  9. Thanks so much for this site! My kids and I have always loved your comics!! They have always brought us smiles , laughter and inspiration. We love sharing them! God bless you for being so faithful to the Lord and investing your talents wisely!

  10. Anthony, this site is super! GBY for faithfully doing these tracts (I am a tract enthusiast! GHM to get them out). Keep ’em coming! My prayers are with you. –Carolina (formerly ‘way back when in London’ aka Palestina. :-)

  11. Luke Provisioner

    dear Ant.

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    A man’s gifts make room for him!

    Thanks for using yours to help win souls!

    Some fruits you’ll only see in heaven, sweet sheep that will have been won thru your tender humor!

    GBY! Love to your sweet wife– my witnessing partner from Bombay!

    Luke in Paris

  12. Juliana Thames

    You are cool! I like your nutshell, it’s packed. GBY! I am a missionary disciple in India.

  13. Hey, you’re an ‘oldster” like me ( but not in spirit :o)
    Thanks! Al Larson, No. Calif.

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