After-Life Insurance

Download print-ready PDF of AfterLife Insurance

–Right click and select “save link as”

  1. I want an insurance contract

  2. Thanks so much dear Anthony for making and sharing these jewels that will get to the uttermost corners of the Earth!

    God bless you!

    Andrés Nueva Vida

  3. I love this one! I want to translate it in French and give it away! (or put it in some mailbox!)

  4. I love this one. Does anyone have any comments on how to get it out? It doesn`t seem like one you would give on the street.

    • Good Question, and I apologize for not thinking to clarify that! This tract was designed to be left in waiting rooms! Doctor’s, dentist”s, etc., anywhere there are magazines and people waiting around for some reason. They usually have time to read and are looking for anything interesting. This tract is probably different from anything else they’ve ever read! Ha! –And it’s not just “clever”!–It really works!

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