Imitation Salvation Blues

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  1. Imitation Salvation Blues is humorously funny too.

  2. Hallo Anthony, GBY and thanks for the goodies.
    Here is Belgium; your Southafrican sounds good for a dutchman. Great.
    I am 76 and I like all these youthful explosions, great.
    I have only see two so far.
    Do you have a team of people around you who thank you for what you are doing and affirm the contents of your products.
    In the multitude of counselors there is certainty for you that your work is solid.
    I like to hear from you with maybe a bit of your story.
    Love and greetings Tim T.

  3. LOVE it! It’s really really good! I really admire you Anthony! Thanks for continuing your art!

  4. Thanks soo much, Great tract !

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